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Comparing the Chicago and Turabian Style – Key Differences
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A citation style is a set of rules which guides different people on citing different sources in academic writing. Citation is always required whenever we use the work of some other writer. It is applied to avoid plagiarism in the writing. There are different published handbooks and guidelines which provide examples, explanations, and instructions about different citation styles. Additionally, you can take help from a professional essay writer also.
If you have used a direct quote or paraphrase someone’s work, it is compulsory to cite someone’s work. There are different citation styles like APA, MLA, AMA, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian, etc.
Chicago and Turabian are the citation styles that are used interchangeably. They are about the same styles of citation. There are minor differences between these two styles. If you do not know the citation and formatting style of writing, you can avail of free essay writer from different online websites and companies.
Some of the key differences between Chicago and Turabian are as follows:
· Turabian style of citation is used by high school and college students. These students use the Turabian style of citation in writing their research papers.
· Turabian citation style is considerably shorter than the Chicago one. Turabian includes fewer details than Chicago.
· The table of content used in the Turabian formatting is quite different from the Chicago one. It does not mirror that of Chicago.
· It includes detailed information on the Note-Bibliography and Author-Date documentation style. Along with this detail, it focuses on the multiple numbers of research sections in the writing process of a research paper.
· It focuses on the development of the research question in the paper. It emphasizes the organization of the writing project. One of the important functions of this style is to find resources and use them accurately in the research paper.
· It leads to the development of different arguments to form a thesis statement. Preparation of a draft of a paper is its important function. The most crucial function of this style is to provide uniqueness to this paper by avoiding plagiarism. It helps in the presentation of evidence in the form of tables and figures.
· It does not include any section on grammar and word usage.
· A short section is assigned to the names, terms, spellings, and foreign-language source.
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· The Chicago style of citation is used by professionals and academic writers. It is used in writing books and different articles and reports. This style is used in the writings, which get published.
· This style is more focused on word usage, grammar, and punctuation, etc. The users of this style are usually professional writers.
· It includes proper guidelines on the usage of mathematical expressions in the paper.
· It provides complete information on formatting paper including the setup of margins and the title paper.
· If you are citing a website in the Chicago style, you do not need to include data accessed in the paper.
· It provides a proper guideline on indexing a paper.
· It emphasizes the proofreading of the manuscripts of the book.
· It includes the preparation of manuscripts, editing, and proofreading with the main focus on the name of the author of the article or book.
Both styles have similarities as well. Both Turabian and Chicago have been published by the press of the University of Chicago. Both use the same basic structure i.e. Notes-Bibliography and the Author-Date. Many people use it interchangeably due to the similarity both styles have.
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